23 November 2006

Orange autumn...

This year autumn is rather merciful and instead of cold greyish days it brings lots of colours. What I like most are orange leaves lazily wavering in the golden sun.

That's something what makes Polish forests so incredibly enthusiastic even though the calendar cries for winter sleep. And Sopot is especially charming these days with all its beach alleys inviting you for endless walks. It's so easy to fall in love there...

But even if you are single, there is no reason to get miserable. There is always pumkin you get along with... :)

And with a bit of spices and warm feelings towards the orange giant you may end up with quite a nice evening too.

I prefer it simple - with cinnamon, ginger, butter, salt and a pinch of hot paprika.

It may mashed as well and then... well it's just the matter of throwing in some potato dumplings ...

or even mixing it with yoghurt and muesli, which I like best since I am a real muesli-addict.

18 November 2006

Travelling: Regensburg

I've just come back from a very nice trip to Regensburg in the southern Germany (Bavaria region).
It's an old historical city with lots of wonderful architecture and cosy, narrow streets with cobbled stone. You feel like you went back some hundred years ago...

Being Polish I just can't get used to seeing all this order and cleanness around every corner...

As it's November they already make themselves ready for Xmass...

Speaking of food, I was less impressed. Maybe it's just because I'm not the biggest fan of wurst (sausage), sauerkraut and beer. And these are lavish in Bavaria.
During one of the dinners in an old renovated seat of an ancient duke, now a stylish restaurant, we were served a pork steak in heavy mustard sauce, some fried potatoe cakes and brussels...

Fortunately, I was offered a vegetarian option: a huge yeast dumpling on a bed of mushroom sauce. It was really aromatic and filling :)

Of course, it didn't stop me at all from having this splendid dessert of cheesecake with vanilla icecream, whipped cream and hot raspberry coulis...

And if you, like me, dislike heavy meat menu you might always opt for a chocolate treat :)

05 November 2006

Need some colours...

broccoli and feta salad

Desperately need some colours in this dull, greyish season.
It's already stated that all those healthy nurients like beta-caroten are lavish in colourful food.
Convincing but I'd eat them even if there weren't any medical advantages. After all, life is about pleasure not healing your diseases!

Green & white is among my favoured compositions. It looks so fresh and spring-like. Think about cottage cheese and chives, for instance.

kiwi and natural yoghurt

But then you might get more impressionist-like. Take this beetroot and basil salad:

Or for colder evenings one could get cheered with chicken and pepper stew:

And life finally gets a boost, no matter of what happened to the sun :)