29 August 2006

Never tired of ice cream...

As it is constantly on my diet I can't help myself shooting more and more ice cream

As a kind of innovation I've loaded two halves of a chocolate egg with nice scoops and adorned it all with some nectarine slices. Big kids love such things:)

18 August 2006

My brother's birthday...

I love to make cakes.
And most of all, I adore making birthday cakes for people I love :)
This year it's my brother's 25th.
Therefore, with all my love....

It was extremely chocolate-full cake. I melted whole lots of finest choco...

Juicy peaches seemed a perfect combination.

The cake didn't last for long. But my brother had the lion's share of this pure pleasure:)

15 August 2006

Healthy food...

I have been accused of promoting unhealthy food. Ice cream are to blame in the first place.
Well, as for me ... you can eat ice cream all day long. I will eagerly join you :)
But for the rest - all those being terrified by sugar and animal fat I am enclosing some "good" stuff...

Camembert - verrrry rich in calcium :)

Some vitamine-full sandwiches :)

Tomato soup with plenty of licopen preventing heart diseases - of course you can omit the cheese if too much pleasure seems awful to you :)

Nuts and figs in honey.... a true cornucopia of microelements :)

And red dry wine, of course :) Voila!

08 August 2006

As tasty as August Saturday

There are seasons which have they "musts". For me August is essentially linked with cherries. And if cherries, then of course pierogi.

Some argue that making them is a chore - I would say it's really worth some effort.

Polish way of eating them is simple and unbeatable: loads of sour creme and powder suger...

It's really hard not to lick the plate afterwards :)

And to finish off - a decent portion of chocolate ice cream...

05 August 2006


I love basil. Sadly I do not posses a plot of land in Tuscany where I could grow my own under Italian sun. My own balcony has to do instead...

I never bother sticking to the original receipe. Green aromatic leaves are essential - the rest is up to the moment. This time I took brazilian nuts, sunflower oil and young pinkish garlic...

It's a pity I can't snap the smell on my camera :(

It's no use saying what you can do with pesto... I can eat it on its own even. But most often I have it on toasted rye sandwich. With tomato of course.

And speaking of tomatoes - the season for the cherry cute ones is high!!!!