20 February 2011

Spinach and potatoes - nicely baked

This dish came out of need for simplicity and lightness. I reckon full success...

Basically all you need is 1) potatoes - boiled until half tender 2) spinach - defrozen and fried slightly with oil of olive and garlic 3) eggs 4) thick yoghurt, greek style.

I cut potatoes on thick slices and fry them up for literally a minute with browned onion. Then I took it off the heat, tossed in cooled fried and after a few minutes folded in a few spoons of yogurt with Dijon mustard and 4 eggs, beaten together with fork. Salt and pepper suffice as seasoning.

Such a sleazy mixture was next transferred to buttered up oven dish.

After baking for 30 minutes in well heated oven (200 C), everything was nicely set and pleasantly aromatic. Served with cold tomato dip. We relished!

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