03 October 2007

Gifts from Polish soil

Last weekend I had opportunity and fun to take part in the regional traditional food & beverage festival that made me a bit uplifted after come back from Portuguese full flavoured heaven. It seems that in spite most of Polish kids feeding on McRoyals, there is some down to earth gastronomy preserved.

The biggest queues -I guess nobody would be surprised - were for the tents with drinking honeys of certain % power. They have their own denominations (półtorak, dwójniak, trójniak) here and secretly guarded recepies but all of them remain sweet and mighty.

After gaining strength you could spend some time on admiring or buying different plants, flowers and decorational veggies and bouquets that are a must for every sel-respectful hostess on farm house or even panel house balcony.

As seen beneath those heavy alcohol liquors prove to be very fertilizing for folk creativity.

OK, and then came time for real food. This is not a place for ladies on diet and vegetarians - it's quite obvious that working people need to Eat.

apple pancakes sizzling in oil

country bread with lard and... apples

pork sausage 0% chemistry

beans a la Bretgne (nobody knows why as typical Polish dish - lots of fatty sausage inside)

bigos - lots of sour cabbage and meaty pieces cooked for daysss

golonka - pieces of piggy legs - I'd rather not comment - faverite male dish as requires lots of vodka

meat, potatoes & veggies grilled for light-hearted

not much meat in those: mostly potato mash and blood with grains

So that would be Polish la cocina pobra ;), meaning the best you can get - as everywhere!