03 January 2008

on snowy Austria roof

Santa made me surprise this year. And it wasn’t about getting stuck in the chimney.

He hijacked me to Austrian Alps for some snow fun or rather lots of snow and lots of fun. And as much as the soul screams happy after sliding downhill stomach needs a bit more than frozen water to have a pleasant afternoon. Fortunately, those mountaineers either have the same picky stomachs or just simple sense for business and in a hutte perched 2000 m above sea level you can find really amazing food.

This season no 1 was undoubtedly huge yeast knedel with plum jam inside bathed in sweet vanilla sauce. On special order of a couple of true addicts poppy seeds were sprinkled lavishly atop the fluffy ball of sweet pleasure.
Now if you close your eyes and imagine chilly fresh alpine air in your mouth being suddenly replaced with a bite of warm delicate dough, sticky with intensively flavoured custard and mesmerizing with non-terrestrial poppy aroma you almost are surfing the sky.

For those who treat such temptations as a cherry atop the cake called real meal for iron muscled free-riders there are other attraction in autrich typiche cuisine. Take this sliced potato knedel enriched with bacon pieces and served with a decent steak of pork meat and heart warming sauerkraut. It is not for sure that you will be able to jump a lot afterwards but certainly you will have one more reason to enjoy chilly beer.

PS. wonderful pictures were taken by J.Photographer


Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said...

It does sound great! I truly wish I could be there...But not for too long as the cold gets in to my old bones after a while :p

1:45 PM  

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