12 March 2011

Little cabbage... pigeons

Direct translation from Polish is really "pigeons", though I have no clue what's the idea behind. Talking here about cabbage leaves rolled and stuffed with minced meat - a dish I truly relish.

Basically you just have to boil shortly nice, big head cabbage and then carefully cut off the external leaves, that should get softened. In the meantime, you mince some nice, lean pieces of pork and mix it with chopped onion, egg, salt and pepper. You spread a few spoons of this raw mixture at harder end of the leaf and roll it up. Then you squeeze these small packs tightly in a greased baking dish, preferably over remaining leaves.

You pour vegetable stock atop, so that rolls are at least half covered and you bake it in 170 C hot oven for ca. 1 hour. Then you add tomato puree to stock, making sure it's nicely seasoned with herbs of preference and you bake for another 15 minutes.

To be served with boiled potatoes. Absolutely gorgeous and appealing even to pork sceptics such as me (anyway, you can always replace pork meat with chicken).

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