17 September 2006

Plums at their best...

Autumn has lots of charms that should comfort you if you still cry after the finished sunshine season. One of them are certainly plums.
In Poland we have our best variety - węgierka - what directly translates to: Hungarian plum, though is really original for Poland. Something quite alike Russian pierogi, which I reckon to be our national heritage dish...
With those plums you made delicious powidła (I will get to that later), pies and my favourites - knedle.

These are dumplings made from boiled potatoes, egg and flour, stuffed with pitted plums. Some people add sugar with cinnamon inside but I find the fruit sweet enough.

The best way to serve those is to melt some butter and pour over sprinkling with some sugar and cinnamon. I also adore them with cinnamon flavoured yoghurt.

03 September 2006

Something to cheer you up

Holidays arrive to a nostalgic and rainy end... Fortunately, friends come home from summer vacations and it's nice to give them a warm and sweet welcome:)

I made a chocolate sponge roll cake, layered it with raspberry jam and peach flavoured mascarpone with rhum... Whole covered with whipped cream...
Truly delicious:)

With leftovers I managed to improvise a quick trifle. It would be a pity to waste any of the stuff.

Now I'm well prepared for autumn chill.