29 January 2011

So I'm blogging again!

It's been a long time, but here I am again. Pregnant, nauseous and desperate to cook something really yummy. And since I live in Czech Republic now, for good, it's good to start with knedliki.

Seriously it's one of the best food stuff they invented here. Basically, you buy them ready made, and very decent, in the shop and all you do steaming for a few minutes. Then you serve it with anything that has lots of sauce or liquid (the idea is to soak pieces of fluffy, delicate yeast dough in some sauce).

I normally adore it with chicken in creamy paprika sauce but this time I was dreaming whole day about sauerkraut, so I just fried bits of chicken breast with marjoram and mustard and cooked the cabbage with caraway seeds until it was soft. God, I swear I licked the plated clean.

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