09 December 2007

Daring Bakers - December

Some old pagan traditions made certain nations of our continent extremely affectionate with the beauty of wooden logs. It goes to such an extent that instead of baking luscious three tier chocolate cake with whipped cream snowflakes they are spending hours to produce something as tempting as a piece of trunk.

This month our ambitious sect of very Daring Bakers decided to spread nature friendly recipe and so we came up with all sorts of sweet flavourful rolls disguised in coffee buttercream bark.
Not surprisingly, having the option of choosing genoise flavour I went on with pure chocolate filled black currant home made jam.

As ornament for what French people call La buche de Noel there were obligatory mushrooms to be planted on the log. I made ones from meringue but in the process of fiery culinary reaction they evidently gained hallucinogenic proprieties.

Final result didnt have slightest wooden note and dissapeared quickly enough to consider baking whole tree next time.