08 April 2011

Horse or chicken?

Chicken is bland. It can become even blander when, for the sake of your health, you eat it very often. That's why I love to experiment with my chicken...

And since breasts are most pleasant to deal with, but also driest, my basic 30 minute idea of dinner is to make them fried and served in some sauce. Curry, tomato, paprika and pesto are most common choices, that's why I sometimes crave for trying something new.

This time it was horse radish and it was a big time hit. Shortly fired pieces of chicken breast I am dusting on the pan with spoon of flour and after they get light brown color I pour over cream (10%). Seasoning and stirring constantly I'm waiting for the sauce to thicken. When it's done I add lemon juice and a few spoonfulls of grated horse radish from jar. Warming up everything and that's pretty much all.

Served with boiled potatoes and water cress garnish.

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Blogger recipe contest said...

I've never thought of this! Very unique idea! I do love chicken with a little bite, I don't know why horseradish never crossed my mind. Did you mix the horseradish with anything or did you serve it straight? I'm always cautious with that because it's such a strong flavor.

6:56 PM  
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