03 April 2011

All healthy colours

That was an ultra healthy feast, yet edible even for more conventional eaters that do not despise fatty meaty steak. Sort of improvisation too :)

So first, we have one leftover from previous day - red cabbage plainly sauteed with oil, pepper, salt and lemon juice until soft.

Then there is joyfully orange-ish carrot salad made from shredded carrots and yogurt sauce with spoon of mayo, bit of ginger, honey an cinnamon. Gorgeous for fried dishes.

As much needed carbs I boiled bulgur and left if to soften in hot pot - then mixed with chopped parsley and oil of olive.

Finally, I simply fried slices of almond tofu, well salted and coated in soy sauce with some additional almonds chopped.

Outcome was very comforting :)

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