12 April 2008

Very delayed Easter aftertaste

Provided that everybody has already forgotten Easter savors I am bringing up some colorful scents - that didn't squeeze into work schedule of last few weeks. But better later than never.

So the queen of traditional Polish Easter table: Yeast baba with lemon frosting - 10 eggs included.

Now very sweet and crusty cherries mazurek - not my favorite, but a family must;

Another mazurek: caramel inspiration - hard to believe but even more sticky and sweet... Was Easter invented by jobless dentists ???

Poppy seed cake moist of apple purree for those who need more juices and spice... Not typical but adorable.

Last, but not least, refreshing dessert cheesecake with aromatic orange whipped cream layer.


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Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I love Polish cakes, it 's one of my favourite things each time I visit. In the UK we just don't have a great cake counter in each shop like you have :(

7:31 PM  
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Blogger sampada said...

Those cakes sounds delicious...mouthwatering...yummy.

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