24 February 2007

layers of indulgence

This is a short post about simplicity. It's not that I have something against Pierre Herme and fabulous pieces of culinary art requiring 12 hours of hard work, prayers and at least a stroke of luck (so that the dish does not collapse last minute before serving).

But sometimes true happiness can be obtained by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk and spreading it on sheets of wafers available in every supermarket.

It's best after a day of resting in cold pressed by some heavy object to make wafers soak up with thick caramel and become gorgeously chewy...

There's nothing more to write about. So simple ;)

16 February 2007

carnival last treats

I have been really hungry lately. Having come back from mountain trip where there was never enough food to fill up the whole team of crazy snowboarders I trying to make up for the lost callories now. So I live on toasted sandwiches all day adding more and more cheese and olive oil. It really works great!

graham toast with spinach, garlic, cheese and basil

And to please myself even more, especially that whole my soul is yearning to go back on the snowy slopes and fight, I bake... There's nothing like a hot aroma of apple crumble pie!

Well, or actually there is ..:) I am a devoted fan of cheesecakes - light , fluffy, not too sweet, without raisins, chocolate or whatsoever - just pure cheese with slight rhum aroma...

I won't even let it cool down properly - I spoon the hot moist cake on its way to kitchen sill... Absolutely gorgeous!