11 November 2007

Daring Bakers - November

This is my first challenge int he noble group of crazy bold baking ladies of the world. I won't deny I hope for something at least as delicious and mouth-watering as last month's sticky toffee buns so you can imagine my face when I saw potato bread recipe...

But I did it and have to say that taste is absolutely gorgeous, not mentioning the bakery smell all around home. I put my favorite pumpkin seeds atop and now have to stand over the loaf with a knife to make sure everybody gets fair share ;)

OK, there was one failure but as a beginner I feel excused: some glueiness resulting from probable underbaking... My mum blames the oven. Let it be ;)

This small inconvenience was completely absent in parsley focaccia, that was consumed immediately, still hot, with lots of fresh tomatoes and onion.

I definitely restored my faith in humble potatoes!!!!

Birthday cake update

It is already long ago after the last bit of my October birthday cake was vaccumed from the plate but it's never too late to refresh sweet memories, is it?

This time I went for cocoa sponge cake cake moistened additionaly by some chocolate syrup and layered with strawberries (Thank God for refrigerators!) and whipped cream+ greek yoghurt strawberry mousse. I have certain reasons to think now that the next year is going to be all sweet and carefree and full of wild strawberry fields!