13 July 2007

One night in Budapest

goulash soup

... there was a very hungry couple who wandered all along the Danube harbour to get something hungarian for the last dinner in this hot and spicy and unforgettable city. As in every European capital, it's most easy to get a pizza or Chinese food in those countless street restaurants but with a little luck and perseverance you will find the desired goulash as well!

Ours was served in a round crusty bread and to my astonishment was neither fiery spicy nor too fatty-meaty. In fact, it was just great to whet the appetites and still leave some space for more palate pleasures.

As a slowly extincting vegetarian I was happy with a veggie feast that consisted of grilled zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes, some raw stuff as a nice crunch note and adorable pieces of 3 types of cheese fried in bread crumbs. Do I have to report on awesome melting lava errupting from golden rocks and covering green pastures underneath??? Splendid.

My partner in crime had roasted turkey stuffed with sweet marmolade-like chestnuts and layered with wine gravy. Baked sliced potatoes making nice pillows for this lazy piece of dizzy poultry.

Well, I am sure that there are hundreds of more or less private reasons to come back to Budapest. But goulash can be always a nice thing to add on the top ;)

01 July 2007

treats for full-time kids

Every time when asked if I would ever grow up AT LAST, I'm 100% sure the answer is: not as long as I remember how b┼║dzinki taste like... And that's a taste I won't forget as I practice regularly to keep the memories fresh and warm. The name for the delicacy is probably just our family device cause adult people would just say: gluey chocolate and oatmeal cookies...

The recipe for staying kid all life long is very simple and one of the very few ones that I never experiment with. It would be pure profanation.

What you need to do is just melt in a thick-bottom pan 120 g of butter with 1/2 cup of sugar, add 4 tbspoons of milk and 2 tbspoons of good quality cocoa. Take off from the fire and mix in almost 2 glasses of rolled oats.

So you get a lovely, excitingly aromatic, hot dark mass of substance that you should basically form into small cookies and leave for cooling and hardening, but for some people/kids that require too much strong will. So half of the batch is eaten out from the pan straightaway and the other half saved as a sweet dreams appetizer, to be consumed with cold milk.

No need to become too serious in your life really!