01 July 2007

treats for full-time kids

Every time when asked if I would ever grow up AT LAST, I'm 100% sure the answer is: not as long as I remember how b┼║dzinki taste like... And that's a taste I won't forget as I practice regularly to keep the memories fresh and warm. The name for the delicacy is probably just our family device cause adult people would just say: gluey chocolate and oatmeal cookies...

The recipe for staying kid all life long is very simple and one of the very few ones that I never experiment with. It would be pure profanation.

What you need to do is just melt in a thick-bottom pan 120 g of butter with 1/2 cup of sugar, add 4 tbspoons of milk and 2 tbspoons of good quality cocoa. Take off from the fire and mix in almost 2 glasses of rolled oats.

So you get a lovely, excitingly aromatic, hot dark mass of substance that you should basically form into small cookies and leave for cooling and hardening, but for some people/kids that require too much strong will. So half of the batch is eaten out from the pan straightaway and the other half saved as a sweet dreams appetizer, to be consumed with cold milk.

No need to become too serious in your life really!


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