12 June 2007

Mad about red

There are some studies on colour influence on our minds and apparently red is the one which makes you energetic, vibrant and... hungry. As I read, this is why all those McDo's, Pizza Huts and KFCs are so crazy about the red stuff in their logos, interiors, outfits, advertising...
They just want to sell you more junk food...

Anyway, for me red food is just the best you can have and I'm not sure if it has something to do with affecting my brain... The taste is enough really.

Today's trio: watermelon, beetroots and strawberries are all-time killers... Never give up on any of them.

watermelon, feta and salad

With watermelon you can just eat it, infuse it with vodka for some crazy summer parties or have as a refreshing entree - red and white salad which I adore truly. The combination: HIM, bold, sweet and juicy watermelon and HER, delicate, soft, salty feta is just perfect!

Beetroots at this time of year come as lovely babies. It's a great base for famous Polish soup called bo─çwinka (eaten with boiled eggs) but for lazier people it's enough to cut them and fry in some good oil with garlic. Wonderful for pastas, rice, pancakes, etc. You have main dish in 20 minutes.

fried baby beetroots

And the red dessert would only need some washing (or even not necessarily)...

Still for all the happy non-dieting people of the world it's worth to try some whipped cream (couldn't not mention THIS thing :), chocolate fondue or some very rich ice-cream...

stracciatela ice cream with strawberries


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