08 June 2007

Cleaning the mess

Trying to make order with pictures catalogues, I found some "edible" ones that have not been lucky enough to get published so far... I guess it's high time to give them chance before something horrible happens to my hard disk... not quite that unusual.

The one above is quite obvious to be always forgotten... Meaty thing you cook but then try not to mention;) This one had to do something with minced chicken with lots of herbs, fried into kind of meatballs... No idea about the taste, really but my brother looked happy.

Another meaty dish above - this time I'm really surprised how could I not have so far devoted any space to such a delicacy like gołąbki. It's enjoyable enough to make vegetarians lose their strong will and has been my favorite childhood non-pancake dinner.

Minced pork of best quality, mixed with rice and folded into cabbage leaves, then slowly simmered in tomato sauce... Polish cuisine staple with no doubt. The only sad thing is the meaning of word "gołąbki" - little pigeons... I immediately have in my mind the image of small birds tucked in their own wings and boiled in a pot :(

Oh, that's something even better!
Pink trout having been roasted with butter until it was all delicately melting under lightest pressure of finger. Of course, you don't use cutlery to deal with such delicacies...

Picasso inspired cacophony of veggie colours - cherry tomatoes, chickory, parsley, garlic... A crispy french baguette and dry white wine would do whole dinner here!

And that was an experiment on frying aubergine in salty peanut butter... surprisingly, very successful improvisation!

Last, but not least, as it's usually with desserts, good old gorgonzolla brought directly from Lombardy and adorned with some purple bombs of juicy sweetness.

All mess cleaned up.


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