09 March 2007

when plums are scarce...

...you can't make plum knedle, sorry. I don't believe in putting frozen purple stones in your potato dough. After all, if it was no difference why one would wait so much for August???

Instead, I experiment with other fillings - more winter-like. I have tried mushrooms, spinach and meat but the best one turned out to be well treated cottage cheese.

I'm sure Italians would say ricotta with basil but I'd rather stay with our humble Polish "twaróg" - which has no resemblance to Philadelphia or other soft packed cheeses from supermarket shelves. It's fatty, quite dense and tastes gorgeous with chives and radish.

For my knedle, I fork it down with some crushed garlic, lots of dill and parsley, chilli, pepper and salt. It must be rahter hot as boiling takes off much of the spice. The process of making dough is the same as with plum knedle. So is boiling. And tasting?

Well, quite different but equally interesting! Best with tomato and hot paprika yoghurt dip. And so, I can patiently wait for the plum trees to blossom...


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