09 April 2007

Easter shots

Traditional Polish Easter menu could bring many out of starvation and fill up hundreds of photo albums. That's what happens when people are told they should eat modestly for 40 days. Even though today nobody really cares about the Lent apparently, feasting goes on every year...

Fortunately, at my home they have always kept it short and simple (like one should supposedly do with presentations) and so the risk of overeating are reduced to minimum. Things really worth mentioning are as follows:

white sausage that sends my vegetarianism for short vacation - eaten hot with horse radish sauce

different sorts of mazurkas which I find far too sweet and dry - the one above with apricot topping

festive yeast baba very rich in eggs and always frosted with lemon icing

kind of Pascha - that is a traditional dessert based upon fat cottage cheese but lately eagerly moderated as is mine: with raisins, fruit, almonds, grappa and, of course, whipped cream... Somebody would call it obsession ;)

And of course lots of eggs, not an interesting subject really.

To be honest, I wouldn't miss this stuff too much if I were clever enough to go snowboarding to some Alpine resort.


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