26 March 2007

Dessert king

The dessert most often made by me? Tiramisu, no doubt about it. There is something temptating even about the sound of the word that already makes me go and look if there is any whipping cream in the fridge to use.

Because in fact, heavy cream is the only thing I never swap in the recipe. Providing, there is "the recipe" - one and original, as I have already seen so many versions of this Italian classic.

Apart from cream, I may use mascarpone, but not necesssarily - sometimes I opt for lighter cream cheeses or even chantilly itself, enriched only by some gelatin, to make the consistence dense enough.

As a base I might use ladyfingers, amaretti or very soft Polish little sponge cakes. Or even leftovers from some kind of not too moist cake that found no fans. I would never give up on fruit but they may come as fresh strawberries (like here), peaches or raspberries as well as canned and preserved fruit. The one on the pictures is all about canned pineapple. This year I will experiment with water melon, I think...


Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Mmmn...very delicious looking. I'm going to Poland in a week for Easter and am looking forward to many nice cakes (maybe stereotypical, but Polish people just love coffee and cake!).

9:32 AM  
Blogger gagatka said...

Hey Scott
I hope your Polish Easter will be truly lovely and you'll get indulged with cheesecakes, mazurkas and yeast babas we've got here.
Funny, but I would say we rather choose tea and cake :)

12:20 PM  

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