23 April 2007

Party time

My verrrrrry best friend in the whole world has lately become a mother, what would be enough to make a celebration, but as her birthday approached too, we have decided to go for it and make an unforgettable party!

And so it was for me - 3 days in the kitchen, numerous tasting sessions, a few cuts and burns and then much too much eating and drinking... Fortunately, she doesn't plan a new baby any soon and her next birthday is still a year ahead!
Short report on what was on the menu:

sushi with cavior and smoked salmon

bread tort with 2 kinds of pastes (parsley pesto and hot paprika)

tartalettes with 3 kinds of fillings:

spinach, ricotta and garlic

cherry tomatoes, oregano and mozarella

and also chicken livers pate, which I somehow forgot to take a close view, but can present you with the back scene of preparation - not really appealling to a vegetarian soul...

Of course, the final output was good enough to make me oblivious of my peculiar food preferences ;)

chocolate roll with whipped cream (YES!!!) and cherries

more whipping view :)

There was also an orange cheesecake with espresso gelee cubes inside which was truly amazing but of course the strong red wine caused me lose my camera, forget about taking pictures and focus on the taste rather.


Blogger Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Far too many things for me to look at in one post before dinner!

8:19 PM  
Blogger John J. Goddard said...

You obviously know how to party.

I have accepted a chef position in a little town called Marina on the coast of Croatia, and I return to Europe in four weeks. I'm still looking forward to cooking for you sometime, so maybe you'll pop in for a visit on holiday or something.

How are you? I hope you are doing well.

3:58 PM  

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