27 December 2006

Christmas aftertaste

We had a rather windy and chilly Christmas days in Sopot this year what naturally didn't put me away from the beach (nothing could). I hope to have some snow and sun in short time so I could take pictures of the town fallen in love with the winter (or the other way round).

Anyway, I had to drop in home a few times so that they wouldn't call for rescuers team to look for me in the waves. So I did take some photos and as they will not match my posts for at least one year I'm putting them in now.

This is a compote boiled from dried plums, apples, pears and apricots which is a traditional festive drink here.

It's popularity has to do with the fact that it helps a lot when you're full and sick of eating what happens quite often from what I can see.

And these are two lazy poppy seed strudels smelling beautifully of almonds and yeast dough. I am always tempted to tear them with my hand while they're still warm... It's really worth all the storm that comes afterwards!

Here you have a homemade pate, probably short of a few chicken livers which I ate while mincing all the meat. My vegetarian soul always surrenders to the aroma of chicken liver so I do not even try to fight.

This is Polish ham - brought from some rural areas and supposedly without any additives. My vegetarian soul remains strong this time.

I would rather have my carp with ćwikła - beetroot blended with horse radish - very hot and pungent but ideal with fatty food.

Our Christmas dinners always include roasted duck with red cabbage and apples and pierogi which taste so much better when re-fried on butter the following days.

I had my last one today so I can announce the holiday closed for this year.


Blogger John J. Goddard said...

I miss this kind of food. No matter what, I think I'll spend Christmas in Europe next year.

1:06 PM  
Blogger gagatka said...

Let me wish you to find in Europe much more than simple gorgeous food - - to make you want to spend every Christmas here :)

5:21 PM  

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