21 June 2006

evening with oven...

family pizza still in the oven

There are days when oven really attracts me... Not as a machinery of course, but with this memory always present of my mother opening squeezing door to let out the aroma of fresh baked yeast pie... She is a master, truly...

I am a bit intmidated therefore to play with yeast - apart from pizza which does not require so much skill. I use dough receipe from Frances Mayes book "Bella Toscania"... it never fails!

Of course, as in a normal family, everybody has their dislikes and must have his piece customized... For me - plain indulgence: mozarella, tomatoes and basil... (with some garlic optionally or parsley instead of basil)

infaillible crust with classic topping

Guys of course can't do without ham...

ham & mushroom piece

And what is greater than dipping your tongue into melted cheese and inhaling the aroma of fresh yeast? Who can resist hot flesh of baked tomatoe? Definitely not me:)

deeper and deeper into joy of melted cheese

And while the oven is still hot - quickly made strawberry pie comes in and out. In case someone is still hungry...

I love watching berries drowning:)

best when still hot and moist


Blogger J said...

hi, gorgeous looking pizza you have there! thanks for sharing...

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