10 June 2006

Dumplings as an entree...

Well, you have to start somehow and it's much better if you manage to whett the apetite of yours guests... Caviar, truffles, sushi? Neeeee...

What has always kept my chin up and made me mouth-watering are dumplings. Gnocchi, pierogi, knedlicki...whatever you call them. The best have this potatoe body and a slight of gumminess. It takes a while before they melt on your tongue - so as you see there is something in between wise woman and potatoe dumpling.

In Poland potatoe dumplings in various versions have made a career more impressive than vodka in fact. Be sure I will present them here in opulence.

For the start - simple dumplings of boiled mashed potatoes with a hint of nutmeg. Preferably served with a yoghurt dip. The one below is with green olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta and basil. Not very Polish indeed.


Anonymous cosmetic said...

the yougurt and olives are a yummy combination, it is very well known in the middle east ant Tunisia, I love it

7:03 PM  

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